New STAR TREK Comic Features All Six Doctors (If You Believe That’s Bashir)


IDW announced a special Star Trek comic today, featuring all six doctors, that ties in with a global competition to develop a real tricorder (aka $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE). Star Trek Special: Flesh and Stone, written by longtime Star Trek scribes Scott and David Tipton, takes place at a Starfleet medical conference, which is crashed by a deadly metamorphic virus.  The EMH and Doctors Beverly Crusher, Julian Bashir ... Read More »

ATLANTIS: Production Begins on Season 2


BBC America announced late last week that production has begun on Atlantis season 2. BBC AMERICA’s fantasy co-production, Atlantis, from the creators of Merlin and Misfits, has begun production on season two. The series follows the adventures of Jason (Jack Donnelly, Dancing on the Edge), Hercules (Mark Addy, Game of Thrones) and Pythagoras (Robert Emms, War Horse) who battle against ... Read More »

DA VINCI’S DEMONS: Season 2 Premieres Tonight!


Da Vinci’s Demons returns tonight with the premiere of season 2 on STARZ premium cable. I have not had the opportunity to screen the episode yet, but I can confirm that Sid appears as The Turk. “The Blood of Man” sees chaos erupt as the Pazzis strike and Leonardo da Vinci is forced to gamble for the future of Florence. Meanwhile, Riario races ahead ... Read More »

DA VINCI’S DEMONS: Season 1 Marathon Begins March 17


In case you missed the first season of Da Vinci’s Demons, or want to refresh your memory before season 2 launches on March 22, STARZ is re-airing the entire season in two-episode blocks beginning March 17. Mon. March 17th 7pm Episode 101 “The Hanged Man” 8pm Episode 102 “The Serpent” Tues. March 18th 7pm Episode 103 “The Prisoner” 8pm Episode ... Read More »

ATLANTIS US: “Touched By the Gods Pt 2″ {SEASON FINALE}


The first season of Atlantis draws to a close on BBC America tonight, and it looks like it will go out with a bang! Minos’ health continues to fade as Pasiphae’s scheming reaches its zenith. She sentences Ariadne to a gruesome execution not even the worst of enemies would deserve. Now that the court’s loyalty is with the Queen, Jason ... Read More »

ATLANTIS US: “Touched By the Gods, Pt 1″


In the penultimate episode of the season in America, Atlantis raises the stakes by sending Jason on his most dangerous mission yet. Jason is reminded of his promise to Circe and her grim warning should he fail to honour their pact. With her threat hanging over him he has no choice but to act. He must kill the Queen. Infiltrating ... Read More »

ATLANTIS US: “Hunger Pangs”

Atlantis - Episode 1.11 - Promotional Photos (3)_FULL

A new photo from episode 1.11 of Atlantis shows King Minos on a sick bed. The synopsis for this week’s episode doesn’t mention the storyline, but it becomes a major part of the plot as the series heads toward it’s first season finale. Penniless and starving, Jason cannot believe his luck when he stumbles across an abandoned feast. Temptation proves ... Read More »

ATLANTIS US: “The Price of Hope”


Tonight on Atlantis in America, the aftermath of Medusa’s disappearance leads the boys into a deadly game. After the tragic events surrounding Medusa’s disappearance, the boys pay a visit to the inventor Daedalus whose genius offers hope of a cure but, unwilling to wait for answers, Hercules acts on information from the unscrupulous Crios and sets off in search of ... Read More »

ATLANTIS US: “The Furies” Synopsis & Preview


A “road trip” turns dangerous in this week’s episode of Atlantis airing in the US. The boys gain an unexpected addition to their workforce with the arrival of Pythagoras’s feisty younger brother, Arcas. Charged with escorting valuable cargo across the desert, the gang travels into the unknown with a ramshackle caravan of strangers, but one amongst them has something to ... Read More »

DA VINCI’S DEMONS: Season 2 Premiere Date + New Trailer


STARZ announced today that Da Vinci’s Demons season 2 will premiere in the U.S. on Saturday, March 22 at 9/8c. Season 2 finds Florence thrown into chaos in the wake of the Pazzi conspiracy.  Lorenzo is gravely ill and Leonardo da Vinci must push the limits of his mind and body to defend the city against the forces of Rome. While ... Read More »