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First Look: Spike TV’s ‘TUT’


Even as we travel to Dorne to watch Sid play a prince in Game of Thrones, we are also waiting for him to play what appears to be a villain in Spike TV’s summer mini-series, Tut, premiering July 19, 2015. The network just released the first trailer for the event series, via EW, and although it’s heavily focused on Nonso ... Read More »

{VIDEO} Dorne Featurette


HBO just released a behind-the-scenes featurette focused on Dorne and the Spanish set used for the southernmost kingdom in Game of Thrones. Not a lot of new information, but we do hear from Sid briefly, as well as other cast members and several of the crew.   Read More »

Sid Talks Ruling Dorne, Revenge, “Scary” Nieces


Blastr has a new interview with Alexander Siddig about playing Doran Martell on Game of Thrones this season, including how he was cast, how Prince Doran is different from other rulers on the show, his “scary” nieces, and more. We’ll excerpt the non-spoilery beginning bits in case you’re trying to avoid spoilers. How did the role of Doran Martell come ... Read More »

GAME OF THRONES Episode 5.02 Synopsis, Chat


Alexander Siddig debuts on Game of Thrones tonight in the episode titled “The House of Black and White”. The episode will introduce the kingdoms of Dorne (Sid/Doran Martell’s storyline) and Braavos (Maisie Williams/Arya Stark’s storyline) Official HBO synopsis: Arya arrives in Braavos. Pod and Brienne run into trouble on the road. Cersei fears for her daughter’s safety in Dorne as Ellaria Sand seeks ... Read More »

GAME OF THRONES: Preview for Episode 5.02 {VIDEO}


If you watched tonight’s season premiere of Game of Thrones, you probably noticed a distinct lack of Alexander Siddig. While the kingdom of Dorne was mentioned, we haven’t arrived there yet. Not surprising since a lot of storylines from last season needed to be revisited before we get into the thick of this season’s stories. We won’t have to wait long, ... Read More »

GAME OF THRONES Premieres Tonight!


Are you ready to return to Westeros and Essos? Are you looking forward to visiting Dorne? (Duh, of course we are.) Game of Thrones returns tonight, with the added bonus of returning Alexander Siddig to the small screen for the next 10 weeks. Season 5, Episode 1 is titled “The Wars to Come” and is directed by Michael Slovis and ... Read More »

Alexander Siddig Says His Family’s Political History Did Not Impact His GAME OF THRONES Character


In an interview with New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, Alexander Siddig said that he did not draw on his family’s political history when playing his character, Prince Doran Martell, in the new season of Game of Thrones. Game Of Thrones newcomer Alexander Siddig knows a thing or two about politics – hardly surprising considering his uncle is former Sudanese ... Read More »

GAME OF THRONES: Interview with Alexander Siddig & DeObia Oparei


Red Bulletin posted a joint interview with Alexander Siddig and DeObia Oparei, aka Doran Martell and his bodyguard, Areo Hotah, providing some insight into the pair’s dynamic this season on Game of Thrones. Alex, you spent seven years on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which was a huge show for its time. Did you jump on board immediately when you got ... Read More »

GAME OF THRONES: New Feature from Canal+


Wow, Canal+ is all over the upcoming Dorne storyline! Over the weekend, the channel aired a forty-five minute behind-the-scenes special, mostly focused on the filming in Spain. Sid is peppered throughout the special, from interviews (once again dubbed in Spanish, arg) to behind-the-scenes snippets to glimpses of Doran Martell on-set. Watch the special here: Juego de Tronos 5×00 El Reino ... Read More »

VIDEO: Spanish Interview with Alexander Siddig, GAME OF THRONES Cast


Canal+ has released a five-minute video with new footage and behind-the-scenes coverage of Game of Thrones, plus interviews with several cast members including Alexander Siddig. Unfortunately for us English speakers, it’s almost all dubbed into Spanish, making it difficult to understand what everyone is saying. The one part that isn’t dubbed? A new scene between Doran (Sid) and Ellaria. Sid’s ... Read More »