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TUT: Meet High Priest Amun {VIDEO}

"TUT" Day 32
Photo: Jan Thijs 2014

Here it is, our featurette introducing Alexander Siddig as High Priest Amun in Spike’s upcoming miniseries TUT! In the video below, we learn more about Amun, who Sid says he doesn’t think “is intrinsically evil, but he’s really good at it when he wants to be.” He is certainly a master at manipulation, but to what ends? A clue: The ... Read More »

TUT: Costume Featurette


Spike released a featurette about the costumes on TUT, their upcoming mini-series, that gives an inside look at the skill and care that went into creating the authentic wardrobe we’ll see on our screens. Sid speaks highly of costume designer Carlo Poggioli beginning at the 2:40 mark. Read More »

TUT: Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Teaser


Spike released a short behind the scenes look at their upcoming miniseries, TUT, which gives us a few seconds of Alexander Siddig talking about the plot. The network is also posting videos introducing various characters, so we may be getting a nice little profile of Sid’s character, Amun, soon. Watch TUT: Unmasking The Legend below. TUT premieres Sunday, July 19 ... Read More »

TUT: Watch a New Preview of Spike’s Epic Summer Series


Spike released a new trailer for their upcoming summer series, Tut, which debuts next month. The theme of this preview is the many dangers that surround the boy king and his attempts to discover whom he can trust. We get a bit of new footage of Alexander Siddig as High Priest Amun doing High Priest Things, plus lots of Tut ... Read More »

GAME OF THRONES: Episode 5.09


After two weeks without a sighting of Prince Doran, and a week without a trip to Dorne at all, we’re back and Sid’s back and things are about to get interesting as Doran appears to demand the allegiance of a Lannister. Official HBO synopsis: Stannis (Stephen Dillane) confronts a troubling decision. Jon (Kit Harington) returns to The Wall. Mace (Roger ... Read More »

GAME OF THRONES: Episode 5.06 Synopsis, Chat


We finally return to Dorne in tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones, meaning Alexander Siddig as Prince Doran Martell is back. Official HBO synopsis: Arya (Maisie Williams) trains. Jorah (Iain Glen) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) run into slavers. Trystane (Toby Sebastian) and Myrcella (Nell Tiger Free) make plans. Jaime and Bronn reach their destination. The Sand Snakes attack. “Unbowed, Unbent, ... Read More »

WATCH: Game of Thrones New Characters & Locations


HBO just posted a new Game of Thrones video to You Tube that focuses on the new characters and locations for season 5. The first couple of minutes contain footage and explanations we’ve seen before, mostly about Dorne, but Sid is the first person you see, so that’s kind of cool. Around the 2:50 mark, we get new footage from ... Read More »

First Look: Spike TV’s ‘TUT’


Even as we travel to Dorne to watch Sid play a prince in Game of Thrones, we are also waiting for him to play what appears to be a villain in Spike TV’s summer mini-series, Tut, premiering July 19, 2015. The network just released the first trailer for the event series, via EW, and although it’s heavily focused on Avan ... Read More »

{VIDEO} Dorne Featurette


HBO just released a behind-the-scenes featurette focused on Dorne and the Spanish set used for the southernmost kingdom in Game of Thrones. Not a lot of new information, but we do hear from Sid briefly, as well as other cast members and several of the crew.   Read More »