WILD ARABIA: Alexander Siddig Narrates New Nature Series on BBC Two

WILD ARABIA: Alexander Siddig Narrates New Nature Series on BBC Two

BBC Two premieres a new, three-part special series titled Wild Arabia on Friday, February 22, and viewers may recognize the voice narrating the footage of the extraordinary wildlife, landscapes and people: Alexander Siddig.

The series explores the deserts and forests, people and wildlife of the Arabian peninsula over the course of three episodes. Sid serves as narrator, guiding viewers through the various landscapes. Watch an introduction to the series below, visit the Wild Arabia website for additional clips and web exclusives, and UK Sidsters, be sure to tune into BBC Two on Friday, February 22 for the premiere episode. (US readers, stay tuned for airdates on this side of the pond.)


  1. Oh, this looks wonderful! I’m so glad Sid is getting work as a narrator and this looks like an amazing series visually as well.

  2. Wonderful. <3 He has such a lovely voice. I wish they would choose him to narrate more of these nature programs. <3 <3

  3. Has he become so typecast that even his narrating gigs involve the Middle East?

  4. Aaaaaaahhh! So nice to hear Sid’s exquisite speaking voice again! I’ll look for this to hopefully appear in the states, perhaps on BBC America? Please tell us if we’ll get a chance to watch this here. I love nature shows, and Sid’s narration will make it more fun 8^)

  5. Absolutely beautiful narration. Thank you, Alexander.