INESCAPABLE: Fan Report (and Photos) from Toronto

INESCAPABLE: Fan Report (and Photos) from Toronto

Sid fan Nikky had the good fortune of attending the premiere of Inescapable at the Toronto International Film Festival this week where she got to see Sid on the red carpet and watch the film. Here’s her review and a couple of red carpet photos:

I have never wrote a move review before but here I go.  From the get go Inescapable was packed with tension and action. It is about a daughter that defies her father and is kidnapped in Damascus, and the lengths that a father will go to get her back.

This is the first time that I know of the Alexander Siddig took on a character that was more aggressive and reckless. He played a strong lead role and was backed by some great talent (Oded Fehr, Joshua Jaskson and Marisa Tomei), but each character seemed almost like an extra in their own scenes, like they did not have a real attachment to the story. Marisa Tomei’s character is a prime example.  The preview tells you everything about her character and she is one of the main actors.  It is that way for all the characters. On the other hand Ruba Nadda captured the distress and fear in Damascus perfectly.  She has a amazing gift to show the world what is really happening without all the hype.

This movie was not short on action; at every turn there seemed to be a chase scene or fight.  Each actor portrayed their character with such great emotion as if the role itself was only meant for them.  Sid truly showed his amazing talent throughout this movie.  All in all I loved the screen time that Sid had and the emotion he brought.  To me it was well worth it and I can not wait until it comes to DVD.

Thanks for the review, Nikky! Here are the photos she took of Sid signing autographs on the red carpet.


  1. Thank you so much Nikki. What a thrill for you to see Siddig and see the movie.

  2. That’s ME he’s talking to! lol! 😀