VIDEO: Sid Tells ‘My Story’ for the International HIV Fund

The International HIV Fund has produced a short video raising awareness of the help that can be provided to those who are HIV positive and living in poverty. Alexander Siddig took part in the video, telling the story of Jaffer, an Indian man who received care and hope which prompted him to start Positive Lives India, a community support system for HIV positive individuals in India.


  1. A very moving video.

    Best Wishes.


  2. All the best ,Sid!
    wish you good luck!
    from Beijing China

  3. Abi Elizabeth Vasquez

    Wow. Such a sad, and moving video. May it be successful in its purpose. As always.. wishing Sid, and the HIV Fund, nothing but the best. <3

  4. Emily Rose Shelley

    I’m glad Sid did this video, I know that I couldn’t say no to him